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Ferry County Geographic Home Page

This blogsite of Ferry County, Washington  is owned by J. Foster Fanning and is currently under construction with details and photographs being added frequently. This site will primarily be an overview of the geographic area intermixed with flora and fauna found in this highlands environment.

Ferry County located in northeastern Washington, U.S.A.  was created out of Stevens County on February 21, 1899 and  named for Elisha P. Ferry, the first governor of Washington State.

The 2010 census shows a population of 7,551 or the fourth-least populous county in Washington. It is the lone county in the state without an electronic traffic device. The only incorporated city is also the county seat of Republic.
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Some interesting geographic facts about Ferry County:
  • The county has a total area of 2,257 square miles.
  • 2,203 of those square miles are land.
  • 54 square miles (2.4%) are water.
  • The  Kettle River Range spans the entire north to south axis.
  • The Kettle River Range separates the county into two distinct geographic areas.
  • Copper Butte is the highest point at 7,140 feet above sea level.
  • Base elevation, depending on east or west of the range, is 1,200 to 2,000 feet.
  • The southern portion of Ferry County is within the Colville Confederated Tribe lands. 
  • Areas of Ferry County vary between less than 10"of rain annually up to over 30" annually.
  • The eastern and southern boundaries of Ferry County are water. Approximately 130 miles.
  • The public can dig for fossils and take some home at Stonerose Interpretive Center.
  • Two ferries transport automobiles, cyclists, and commerce into Ferry County.
  • Sherman Pass, at 5,576 feet, is the highest year round mountain pass in WA.
  • 1,250' lowest elevation, 7,140' the highest with a 5,890' elevation difference.
Sherman Peak (left) at 7,011' and Snow Peak at 7,103' in the center of the Kettle River Range seen from the west.

Here is a landscape map of Washington State with all the county names. Ferry County is near the upper right corner of the map.


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